Should a man experience discharge when he is excited and what kind?

During arousal, men secrete a colorless and transparent mucus called pre-ejaculation. It forms together with an erection, but can also appear after it. If there is no lubrication during stimulation in men, then this is a symptom of some pathology related to the reproductive system. The release of this fluid prevents injury to the male genital organs during vaginal penetration.

In medicine, lubrication in men during stimulation is called temporary. This substance is formed not only before sexual intercourse, but also during slight sexual stimulation, during caressing, and even during masturbation. The appearance of lubrication in men during stimulation indicates a desire to have intimate intimacy with their partner.

pre-semen composition

Pre-semen composition

Pre-ejaculation is a mucus secretion that contains various enzymes and alkali. Since the female vaginal environment is acidic and repels male semen, the lubricant neutralizes the aggressiveness of the female microflora.

There is a myth that says that discharge from the male genital organs can cause women to get pregnant. The fact is that lubricant does not contain sperm, but it can be present if sexual intercourse occurs without contraception, within a few hours after masturbation or after previous sexual intercourse.

To prevent unwanted pregnancy, experts recommend using condoms or other forms of contraception.

sperm in lube


Treatment can be prescribed by your doctor. Depending on the disease identified, the appropriate medication is prescribed. Usually thisantibiotics, which is also different. Some antibiotics fight sexually transmitted infections, others aim to suppress the pathogenic environment - candida and other fungal microorganisms.

Also prescribed for the treatment of diseasesanti-inflammatory drugs, vitamin complexes, related drugs and food supplementsdepending on health conditions and concomitant diseases.

Main function

Lubricants are secreted in men during stimulation; it is not only a clear lubricating fluid, but also a protective reaction of the mucous membrane. Such secretions facilitate the penetration of the male sexual organ into the female vagina and friction, if the representative of the fair sex has secreted a small amount of such substances.

Lubricating secretions in men during arousal have several very important functions, which are as follows:

  1. Neutralization of increased acidity of the vaginal microflora.
  2. Facilitates penetration of the penis, helps the movement of sperm along the cervix.
  3. Increased chances of conception.
  4. Remove the contents of the urinary tract.

In an acidic environment, sperm die quickly. Thanks to the alkaline pre-semen, they enter the reproductive tract undamaged and can fertilize the egg. This is why male lubricants have the ability to protect sperm viability.

In addition, thanks to the release of men from the urethra, the chances of conception increase, because the seminal fluid penetrates the uterus faster during sliding. Natural lubricants help avoid the use of artificial substitutes, and also facilitate the penetration of the penis into the vagina if a woman has little secretion of her own.

man and woman in bed

Is it possible to get pregnant?

One of the most common questions about coitus interruptus is as follows: is it possible to get pregnant from a man's natural lubrication? Even the most experienced doctor will not be able to answer this question firmly, because in addition to the main factors, this process is affected by many included parameters, which sometimes completely reverse the statistics. Next we will consider this issue in more detail.

There are many articles online by staunch opponents of coitus interruptus, which state that a man's pre-ejaculation can carry a certain amount of sperm that can fertilize his partner's egg. In fact, many scientific studies show that the natural lubricant secreted by the body in its pure form is not capable of causing pregnancy.

This is explained by the fact that the gland that produces it is not at all related to the male testicles, so completely pure mucus enters the excretory urethra. Therefore, although male physiology is characterized by copious mucus secretion during sexual intercourse, it is not capable of causing an unwanted pregnancy. However, in practice, things are not so bright.

What is the probability?

According to the Mutiara index, which shows how effective certain contraceptive options are when used regularly, there is a fairly high percentage of all people who use the coitus interruptus method to get pregnant. The indicator reaches values in the range of 6-18. This means that out of 100 couples who have been using this contraceptive method for a long time, from 6 to 18 can get pregnant.

This is explained by the fact that most pregnancies occur as a result of repeated sexual intercourse with short breaks. As a result, a man may have some viable sperm remaining in the internal urethra. During the next sex session, together with a new part of the lubricant, it enters the internal genital organs of the woman, and this small amount is sometimes enough to fertilize the egg.

In addition, the neglect of simple hygiene rules can also lead to an unplanned pregnancy, because after ejaculation a certain amount of sperm can remain on the genitals, hands and body. In this case, the probability of getting pregnant from male lubricant is quite high, so whether this method of contraception can be used is a rather controversial and controversial issue today. Nevertheless, the popularity of interrupted intercourse has not yet fallen.

You can't get pregnant from male lube. It does not contain sperm. Even if there is a single sperm in it, this will not cause pregnancy. To conceive a child, the biological fluid that a man secretes into the vagina must contain at least 40 million sperm.

An exception is the case when a man has recently had sexual intercourse. Then some sperm may remain in her genital tract. It is able to enter the vagina together with pre-ejaculation, which pushes out the sperm during the next intercourse.

It is also dangerous to have a disturbed orgasm in a man if he hardly experiences any pleasant sensations during ejaculation. In this case, pre-ejaculation can be confused with ejaculation, resulting in an unwanted pregnancy. However, the release itself in men, which is observed during sexual stimulation before ejaculation, does not pose a danger from this point of view.

Cooper's gland, which is responsible for pre-ejaculatory production, is considered pre-seminal. It is located along the entire length of the penis from the inside from the outer opening to the neck of the bladder. Some men produce more of this mucus, others less. There are some representatives of the stronger sex who have almost no smears, but this does not mean that they do not exist in principle. Only it is not released at the moment of sexual stimulation, but a few moments before ejaculation.

penile structure

What does normal look like?

So, the question of whether a man secretes lubricant during stimulation has been resolved. But what does he look like? Externally, this liquid looks like a simple transparent mucus. During sexual intercourse, it is released in an amount from 1 to 5 ml. This amount is enough to make sexual intercourse comfortable for the couple. These seeds contain smegma, which is a fatty substance that accumulates in the folds of the foreskin. If a man is faithful to only one sexual partner or uses a condom during sexual intercourse, then there is no change in color or additional inclusion in the liquid composition. Only a light whitish color is possible.

What does a normal lubricant look like

When do you want to see a doctor?

Many women still don't know if men have lubrication when aroused. Some people don't care at all. However, it is a fact that this fluid is very important during sexual intercourse.

If any suspicious symptoms appear, a man should immediately see a doctor. Thanks to this, it is possible to identify the disease at an early stage of its development, and therefore a quick recovery will follow. That's why it's so important to pay attention to your pre-seed composition and shade. Additional symptoms that help identify the diagnosis include the following:

  1. Body temperature rises, fever, fever.
  2. Pain or discomfort in the organ area located in the pelvis.
  3. Skin redness, swelling and rash.
  4. Bloody purulent impurities in men's discharge.
  5. Burning and itching in the urethra.
  6. Hyperemia in the penile area.
  7. Erectile dysfunction, urinary retention.
healthy sex life

The same pathological process in the male body during stimulation and during rest is observed in the case of infection with sexually transmitted diseases. If several or even one symptom is detected, you should immediately see a doctor. It is likely that the man needs immediate antibacterial therapy.

Impaired sperm production

In some cases, male sperm may be produced in smaller quantities or be absent altogether. Several factors lead to such violations, which should be discussed in more detail. Complete absence of seminal fluid can be caused by weight gain, hormonal imbalance in the body, fever and sexually transmitted diseases.

Consequently, to feel like a complete man in every sense of the word, it is important to monitor any changes in the body. Semen will always be normal if the right lifestyle, contraception and timely examination by relevant specialists are prioritized.

No pre-ejaculation is released

If a man has a lot of lubrication when excited, then this can be called a characteristic of his body. However, in some cases, representatives of the stronger sex do not notice the release of fluid during sexual intercourse, because it begins to be released only after the penis penetrates the vagina.

In 5% of cases, lack of lubrication is a symptom of the presence of some kind of inflammatory disease. In such a situation, it is best to consult an expert about this problem. You should also pay attention to the fact that in older people, discharge from the urethra may be completely absent.

consultation with a doctor

Diagnosis of the disease with pathological discharge from the penis

The examination procedure consists of several diagnostic procedures:

Initial examination by a specialist of the genital organs, namely the foreskin, head and perineum. The main task is to identify possible organ deformation, rash, discharge, and signs of inflammation.

Feel the lymph nodes in the groin area and assess their condition. They can be:

  • increased or within normal limits;
  • warmer or cooler than nearby tissue;
  • portable or not;
  • hard or soft;
  • whether the patient experiences pain on palpation or not.

In addition, the inguinal lymph nodes are examined for the presence of ulcers.

Digital diagnosis of the prostate gland. This study is done through the rectum. In this case, fluid can be removed from the urethra, which is required for microscopy. Adenomas are characterized by uniformly enlarged lobes of the prostate gland and palpable solid cords. Uneven growth indicates the development of a malignant tumor. The confirming factor is the discharge from the urethra when massaging blood with clots. For the reliability of the study, it is recommended to hold urine 1. 5 - 2 hours before the procedure.

Complete blood count and urinalysis. Must give in on an empty stomach.

Material examination (smear for microscopic examination and culture). Procedures that minimize the risk of wrong disease diagnosis. It is very accurate. A stained smear under a microscope reveals all the contents:

  • bleeding cells;
  • the presence of epithelium;
  • fat component;
  • non-venereal pathogens that belong to the group of conditionally pathogenic microflora.

Ultrasound examination and computed tomography of the genitourinary system. As a rule, it serves to confirm or deny an existing diagnosis.

Significant symptoms during the initial visit to the medical facility require immediate prescription of broad-spectrum antibiotics even before diagnosis. If there is a lot of bleeding, the patient must be hospitalized and steps must be taken to stop the bleeding. This may be one of the symptoms of cancer development. To confirm this assumption, the patient is sent for a biopsy.

The final diagnosis is possible only if the results of the histological examination are ready.

Changes in consistency and color

It was said above that if a lot of lubricant is released during stimulation in men, this is the norm, but if there is too much, then this should warn you. However, changes in color and consistency are considered a reason to consult a doctor. Normally, the color of seminal fluid is transparent, slightly whitish. You should also pay attention to the density of this secretion. Semen should not be thick and should flow freely from the urinary tract during sexual stimulation. Reasons for contacting a specialist include the following:

  1. The formation of an unpleasant fishy smell, which contains the aroma of mold.
  2. Impurities of pus and blood.
  3. Changes in the structure of seminal fluid, formation of cheesy sediment, thickening.
  4. Change the shade.

Red, gray, orange, green and other colors are signs of infectious or inflammatory processes in the body. The male body reacts in this way to any viral or bacterial invasion. In some cases, colored discharge is a sign of a natural healing process. For example, after surgery on the prostate gland, after antibiotic therapy or any other surgical intervention.

Transparent viscous discharge in some cases indicates infection with infectious diseases, for example, streptococcus, staphylococcus, and E. coli. However, the appearance of bacteria will be observed not only in the pre-seminal fluid, but also in other secretions from the male organ.

Normal amount of ejaculatory fluid

Pathological mucus discharge in men differs from healthy in color, smell and consistency. They are almost always accompanied by unpleasant sensations.

Symptoms that indicate lubricant deviation from the norm:

  • the appearance of fluid from the urethra during the day;
  • the appearance of an unpleasant odor;
  • pain during urination;
  • the formation of an excessive amount of mucus;
  • voluntary release of lubrication without sexual stimulation;
  • the presence of third party entry;
  • change in consistency to too thick or runny.

These signs are characteristic of the pathological process that indicates the development of the disease.

type Description
Spermatorrhea Random leakage of sperm without reaching orgasm. The cause of the process is a decrease in the tone of the vas deferens muscle. Pathology develops as a result of chronic inflammation
Hematorrhea Lubricant discharge mixed with blood. Occurs with injury to the urethral mucosa
leukocytic urethrorrhea The exudative phase of the inflammatory process, as a result of thermal, mechanical, chemical or viral damage to the urethral mucosa
Mucopurulent They consist of a small number of leukocytes, serous fluid and glandular secretions. This mucus is characterized by active formation at night. A man notices discharge of pus in the morning, and yellow spots can be found on his underwear. Mucopurulent discharge appears when the urethra is damaged by bacteria: trichomonas, ureamicoplasma, chlamydia
Sustained They include a large number of leukocytes, urethral epithelium, mucus and serous fluid. They have a thick consistency and an unpleasant smell. They appear in the form of drops with a yellow or greenish color. Evidence of the development of gonococcal urethritis, which is formed against the background of chlamydia and gonorrhea

The volume of mucus released can be large or small. It can be quite difficult to spot poor lubrication. To do this, you need to press the urethra so that the fluid comes out of the opening. It dries quickly, forming a film on the membrane of the head of the penis. The viscous consistency causes the urethral sponge to stick together.

Doctor's opinion

The gray-green color of the liquid indicates the presence of infection in the male body. However, these symptoms are not always a sign of sexually transmitted diseases; ARVI or influenza can manifest itself in this way. Parallel to this, the man's body temperature rises.

Thick white discharge indicates the development of fungal diseases, most often with candidiasis. The disease is transmitted to a man from an infected sexual partner. When this pathogen is detected, it is necessary to treat both women and men.

pathological discharge in men

If the liquid is red, then this indicates the development of urological diseases, for example, cystitis, urethritis, but it can also be a symptom of chronic prostatitis and some other diseases not related to the urinary system.

Is it possible to reduce the possibility of conception due to lubricant entering the vagina?

Women's menstrual cycle. After menstruation, the egg does not travel far enough from the ovary, where the possibility of fertilization with lubrication and ejaculation is reduced. But clear liquid from the head during passion is absolutely not a reason to panic, unless the man has had an orgasm before.

chances of pregnancy from lubricants

Lubrication secretion that differs from the norm in most cases is caused by venereal diseases, but there are some other conditions.