What is good for male potency?

In some cases, improving erectile function can be achieved simply by making a few lifestyle adjustments. But many do not know what is good for male potential, so at the first symptom of loss of strength they start taking stimulant pills.

A man can increase his potential by improving his sex life

To save money and effectively increase potential, you need to follow some rules, which will be discussed in the article.

Product for potency

Nutrition is a fundamental point in the prevention and treatment of potential problems. The reason lies in the metabolism and production of gonadotropic hormones, testosterone and its breakdown hormones.

The substances listed are responsible for the normal development of the male genitalia during puberty. Also, the level of male sex hormones determines the severity of erection, sexual desire, duration of intercourse, and the strength of orgasm.

Therefore, food products involved in the synthesis of sex hormones - androgens - are useful for increasing male potency.

Plant food

Products that are beneficial for male potency include:

  1. Nuts. The benefits lie in the content of unsaturated fatty acids in the seeds. Omega-3 and omega-6 are testosterone precursors and successfully increase their concentration when entering the body. All products are useful, but the most effective are the following: cedar, walnut, almond, hazelnut, cashew. Nutritionists recommend consuming 20-30 nuts per day to fully meet the male body's need for fatty acids.
  2. Vegetables. Introducing the maximum amount of vegetables into your diet is very beneficial for potency. Testosterone levels are influenced by selenium, zinc, calcium and magnesium. Vitamins A, E, C, and group B are also important. The main vegetables in terms of benefits are: turnips, squash, carrots, and broccoli. In a special place are onions and garlic, which not only stimulate sexual function, but also support the immune system. Vegetables are useful in their raw form, because they lose their properties when cooked.
  3. Vegetable oil. Olive oil has the greatest benefits. The introduction of this product into the diet mainly increases sexual desire in the male body. It is not without reason that Italians are the most enthusiastic nation in the world. Their diet contains a lot of olives, tomatoes and cheese. In addition to olive oil, pumpkin oil has a good effect. Along with cooked pumpkin and pumpkin seeds, it protects the body from premature fading. Linseed oil will be useful not only for the stronger sex, but also for women. Traditional medicine recommends taking one tablespoon of flaxseed oil an hour before your first meal in the morning. The dose covers the daily requirement for vitamins, fatty acids and microelements.
  4. Greenery.Parsley, celery, green onions and parsnips contain the prototype plant androgens. Once in the body, these substances begin to perform the function of testosterone.
  5. fruits.First of all, the benefits of male potency come from bananas. The fruit contains selenium and zinc. Eating berries with high levels of vitamin C is good for potency. These include black and red currants, blueberries, gooseberries and citrus fruits.
  6. spices.Ginger root and ginseng root have unique composition and properties. Both of these products are the basis of oriental medicine. The multicomponent composition, including zinc, magnesium and selenium, vitamins A, E, C, group B stimulates blood supply to the perineal tissue.
Useful food for male potency

Green tea, thyme decoction, and fireweed can improve erections.

Protein nutrition

Famous foods that stimulate sexual power are fish and seafood. They contain unsaturated fatty acids, zinc, phosphorus, and selenium.

Clams and mussels bring the greatest benefits to men. It is recommended to consume raw or steamed products whenever possible to maintain maximum benefits for men's health.

Representatives of the stronger human half need to eat meat. Beef, lean cuts of pork, rabbit, and chicken are beneficial.

A very useful product is meat baked in the oven in its own juice. Good additions are spices: red and black pepper, basil, cardamom, curry, parsley, garlic.

One of the sources of animal protein and health is fermented milk products. More benefits than full-fat cottage cheese and sour cream.

To maintain men's health in good condition, you should completely replace mayonnaise with sour cream, because eating mayonnaise is dangerous to potency due to the high content of dyes, preservatives and flavor enhancers.

Eggs should be included in the diet of anyone concerned about erectile health. It is believed that quail eggs are more beneficial, but this assumption has not been proven.


Honey is a universal product that also increases male sexual potential. Thanks to the rich vitamin composition, the whole body is strengthened.

It is important to know: all bee products stimulate male power to a certain degree. But honey is the most accessible, cheap and effective medicine for the body.

Honey has a positive effect on male potency

This product can completely replace sugar if there are no contraindications, as it is a strong allergen.

Sexual habits and how they affect potency

Sex plays an important role in a stronger sex life. With frequent intimate life, it is not difficult to detect any changes in sexual health.

Keep in mind that everyone's sexual activity is different. It is normal for some people to have sex once a month, for others - several times a day.

Individual characteristics depend on temperament, age, libido, and testosterone levels in the blood. The disorder is diagnosed when an erection or libido is reduced compared to normal.

Many people are interested in whether it is dangerous for the potential to have frequent sex and how masturbation affects sexual health.

Does frequent sex make a difference?

We can definitely say that prolonged abstinence and an inactive sex life bring more harm. This happens because the prostate gland is constantly producing the liquid part of sperm in the body.

Some sperm mature in the testes every 60-70 days.

With prolonged abstinence, congestion in the prostate increases, and prostatitis gradually develops. Inflammation of the prostate gland causes sharp pain during ejaculation, chronic pelvic pain, associated decreased libido and weak erections.

Long-term abstinence leads to weakness of the penile muscles, complicated sclerosis of the body and poor filling. Men with an infrequent sex life are psychologically set up for failure. As a result, the erection is not strong enough or the ejaculation is too fast.

On the other hand, frequent sexual activity brings more benefits to the male body, but there are nuances.

Frequent sex benefits the male body
  1. Too frequent sex with different women or with one person causes dull orgasms and pleasant sensations. This usually happens to the stronger sex during andropause - male menopause.
  2. With an active sexual life with different partners, the risk of contracting a genital infection increases. Chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis significantly affect the health of the reproductive system and the body as a whole.

The optimal number of sexual acts for a married couple should be on average at least three times a week.

If you have the desire and your health allows, you can have sex every day.

The influence of self-satisfaction on potential

Scientists have long since abandoned the medieval belief that masturbation leads to dementia or causes paralysis of the whole body. Currently, it is generally accepted that if there is no sexual activity in a healthy man, masturbation only brings benefits to the body.

With self-satisfaction, seminal fluid and sperm are renewed, there is no stagnant process in the prostate. It is recommended to masturbate no more than three times a week; This regimen helps with potency and maintaining health.

But it is not recommended to stay in this state for a long time, because the relief and relaxation after masturbation is short-term, and psychogenic erectile dysfunction can also develop. The longer the gap between sexual relations, the greater the self-doubt.

Another opinion about married people who satisfy themselves by watching pornography. Psychologists believe: excessive masturbation leads to a weakening of attraction to one's partner, which leads to conflict and psychological problems in the family, and health problems.


Lifestyle plays an important role in the prevention of sexual problems.

Exercise and proper nutrition are the keys to excellent potential

You should include some things in your daily routine so that you never face genital diseases.

  1. Contrast shower in the morning.The change in water temperature increases blood circulation throughout the body and in the pelvic organs in particular. Blood flow contributes to a more stable erection, increased energy and energy.
  2. Sports activities.Swimming and yoga are beneficial. A special complex for training the pelvic muscles - Kegel exercises - stimulates erection. They can be done during work hours, on the way home, during breaks. Also, morning exercises should consist of pelvic rotation, squatting, running in place, and bending over to increase blood flow to the genitals.
  3. Proper nutrition.It is important to build a diet based on animal protein products and plant foods. Completely exclude fried and fatty foods. This is important because unhealthy fatty foods supply cholesterol, which is stored in the walls of blood vessels in the form of atherosclerotic plaques. Plaque blocks the lumen of the vessels, and blood does not flow enough to the tissues, hypoxia develops in the body, which affects health. Atherosclerosis of the pelvic vessels threatens to reduce the blood supply to the penis and reduce sexual erection.
  4. Aphrodisiac.Consumption of products that stimulate sexual activity should be dosed. You can eat honey and nuts every day, but in small portions, 1-2 tablespoons, in this case it helps potency. Fish, seafood and meat should alternate throughout the week.
  5. Normalization of body weight.Excessive adipose tissue in the male body becomes a source of estrogen - the female sex hormone. Against the background of their increase, the libido disappears and the erection worsens.
  6. Drinking regime.A man with an average height of 70 kg should drink up to two liters of water a day.
  7. Take a shower.There are benefits of bathing with salam leaves. In men, after this procedure, there is blood flow to the genitals, and the whole body is strengthened.
  8. Reduce medication use.Many pharmacological drugs have adverse effects on sexual health. These include antihypertensives, psychotropics, antidepressants, anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics. If possible, its use should be reduced. Before doing this, you should weigh the benefits and harms of the drug.


Maintaining good sexual health is easy. Everything that is useful for the male body is beneficial and increases potency.

Minor disturbances in sexual health can be corrected with healthy food, exercise and a proper daily routine.

If unusual symptoms are observed, then it is better not to do anything yourself, but consult a urologist for advice.

Serious diseases of erection and sexual health require qualified treatment. The benefits for the body, potency, and erection are health.