Discharge in men during arousal: normal or abnormal?

prepaid(pre-seed, orCooper's fluid) is a clear, colorless, viscous pre-semen fluid that is secreted from a man's penile urethra when he is sexually aroused.

Pre-cum is inevitable during human intercourse.

This secretion is also secreted by men during masturbation, in preparation for sexual intercourse (for example, caressing) or in the early stages of intercourse, some time before the man reaches full orgasm and ejaculation.

Pre-semen is formed mainly by bulbourethral glands (Cooper's glands), as well as Littre's glands.

Littre's gland is an additional site of pre-semen formation. These are tubular-alveolar glands in the form of a urethral cluster, located along the entire length, from the external opening to the neck of the bladder, in the layer of submucosal, fibromuscular and connective tissue.

They secrete and secrete mucous fluid, the amount of which increases with sexual stimulation.

Along with the secretion of Cooper's gland, the secretion of Littre's gland also serves to moisten the urethra, to maintain a good alkaline reaction for sperm during their passage through the urethra.

Amount of pre-ejaculate released.

The amount of pre-seminal fluid secreted by a man varies greatly among individuals. Some men produce no pre-semen, while others produce up to 5 ml. Preseed contains some of the chemicals found in seeds, such as acid phosphatase. And some seminal markers, such as gamma-glutamyltransferase, are completely absent from presemen.

Functions performed by pre-seeds

The acidic environment of the male urethra and female vagina is hostile to male semen. Pre-semen neutralizes residual acidity in the urethra caused by urine, thereby creating a better environment for the passage of semen.

Normally, the vaginal environment is acidic; pre-semen administration before ejaculation can alter the vaginal environment to support sperm survival. Pre-ejaculation can retrieve sperm left in the urethra from a previous ejaculation.

Pre-semen does not act as a lubricant during sexual intercourse, but facilitates the passage of sperm through the ducts during ejaculation, and also participates in the coagulation of semen.

Risks associated with pre-ejaculation

Studies have shown the presence of HIV in most presemen samples from HIV-infected men. Infection with the immunodeficiency virus leads to HIV infection, the final stage of which is known as AIDS.

Many also express concern that the presence of sperm in pre-semen is impossible and therefore cannot cause pregnancy, using this fact against the use of interrupted intercourse (penis withdrawal) as a method of preventing pregnancy.

There are no large-scale studies to determine the sperm content of presemen, but some small studies have suggested that sperm are present in presemen.

Increased pre-semen formation

Some men worry about the amount of pre-seminal fluid they produce. A doctor describes a patient who is confused by pre-cum leaking through his pants during kissing and other mild erotic stimulation.

Several reports have shown satisfactory results when such men are treated with 5-alpha reductase inhibitors.

In such cases, a doctor recommends the differential diagnosis of prostatorrhea, the secretion of prostate secretions during straining associated with urination or defecation.

Release during stimulation in men is called pre-ejaculation. It protrudes from the opening of the urethra when the man is excited. Pre-semen is secreted by bulbourethral glands and Littre's glands, which are located throughout the duct, from the external opening to the bladder neck.

Release during stimulation in men performs the following functions::

  • ensures the free passage of seminal fluid through the urethra;
  • destroy bacteria;
  • moistens and blocks the acidic environment in the urethra.

Pre-semen can also act as a lubricant during intercourse, but in most cases the amount released will not be sufficient for this. Pre-ejaculation is one of the components of semen. It enters the seminal fluid during ejaculation and mixes with semen, which helps protect the sperm from the acidic environment of the woman's vagina.

normal lubrication during stimulation

A healthy pre-ejaculation has the following characteristics:

  • no smell;
  • transparency;
  • viscosity;
  • absence of lumps or inclusions;
  • does not cause unpleasant or painful sensations.

Pre-seeds carry out a cleaning function, so the consistency can change. A man may experience turbidity with repeated sexual intercourse, lack of hygiene, or before ejaculation. He will be back to normal in 1-2 days. If not, the development of a pathogenic process should be suspected.

Symptoms that indicate the deviation of the lubricant from the norm:

  • the appearance of fluid from the urethra during the day;
  • the appearance of an unpleasant odor;
  • pain during urination;
  • the formation of an excessive amount of mucus;
  • voluntary release of lubrication without sexual stimulation;
  • the presence of third party entry;
  • change in consistency to too thick or runny.

These signs are characteristic of the pathological process that indicates the development of the disease.

Unhealthy discharge in men is divided into types:

Spermatorrhea Random leakage of sperm without reaching orgasm. The cause of the process is a decrease in the tone of the vas deferens muscle. Pathology develops as a result of chronic inflammation
Hematorrhea Lubricant discharge mixed with blood. Occurs with injury to the urethral mucosa
leukocytic urethrorrhea The exudative phase of the inflammatory process, as a result of thermal, mechanical, chemical or viral damage to the urethral mucosa
Mucopurulent They consist of a small number of leukocytes, serous fluid and glandular secretions. This mucus is characterized by active formation at night. A man notices the discharge of pus in the morning, and yellow spots can be found on his underwear. Mucopurulent discharge appears when the urethra is damaged by bacteria: trichomonas, ureamicoplasma, chlamydia
Sustained They include a large number of leukocytes, urethral epithelium, mucus and serous fluid. They have a thick consistency and an unpleasant smell. They appear in the form of drops with a yellow or greenish color. Evidence of the development of gonococcal urethritis, which is formed against the background of chlamydia and gonorrhea

Man at the venereologist

The volume of mucus released can be large or small. It can be quite difficult to spot poor lubrication. To do this, you need to press the urethra so that the fluid comes out of the opening. It dries quickly, forming a film on the membrane of the head of the penis. The viscous consistency causes the urethral sponge to stick together.

For the continuation of the human race, the ability of a man to transmit his seed to a woman plays a huge role. Therefore, it is very important for him to take care of his health and masculine strength. An indication of the condition of the genital organs is the discharge from the penis.

They are like alarm bells that indicate common internal processes or pathologies. Discharge in men when excited deserves special attention. At this point, a little fluid comes out of the penis.

Its thickness, volume, shade and smell indicate the state of the male reproductive organs.

pathological discharge in men

The emergence of natural secretions

For successful reproduction, it is important that during stimulation, a special fluid is released from the ducts of the male organ. It is he who promotes the movement of sperm into the female cell for fertilization.

Once the sperm enters the vagina, many obstacles appear in their path. First of all, this is an acidic environment where most male cells die. It is a secretion formed during erection that helps reduce acidity.

Usually male secretions are completely transparent in color, without an unpleasant odor and in small quantities. Medium thick consistency is considered normal.

The appearance of secretion occurs not only during sexual stimulation, but also in the morning, when the organ is in a state of erection. In addition, liquid discharge appears during gentle caresses with the woman you love. This is how the body prepares for intimacy.

Depending on the level of pleasure, the mucus can have different amounts. With strong sexual desire, more discharge occurs. In addition, the individuality of the male body should be taken into account. The volume of liquid removed can reach up to 5 mg.

Along with discharge during stimulation, a man may have sperm, which sometimes achieve their goal.

The natural secretion that comes out of the penis during sexual activity is, of course, sperm. It consists of sperm and the natural mucus of the male organ. It has a whitish color and thick character. It comes out of the penis as a result of sexual intercourse.

Emission indicators are within normal limits

The volume of fluid that should be released when a man is excited varies. Physiology of the body affects a lot. Everyone knows their limits if they always take care of themselves.

But if changes in the amount and nature of mucus occur, it is important to consult a doctor. By knowing the cause in time, you can really avoid problems.

In most cases, signal changes are pathological, although there are exceptions.

If a man does not have sexual intercourse for a long time, the discharge during erection increases significantly. In addition, they become thicker than usual. And it looks more cloudy. It is important that there is no yellow color or blood element. The norm of male secretion during stimulation should correspond to the following characteristics:

  • transparent watery color;
  • without a clearly expressed unpleasant odor;
  • medium thickness.

It is important to consider that the discharge of such men is affected by lifestyle and physical diseases. If a gentleman abstains from women for a long period of time, this will definitely affect the whiteness. Bad habits and eating habits are also risk factors. Constant stress and emotional disturbances lead to weakened immunity and weakness in the body.

Sometimes discharge from the penis during strong stimulation leads to defecation. From a physiological point of view, this is the norm. But that situation should not be a frequent occurrence.

The secretions that come out of the penis contain sperm. If they are of poor quality or the man has inflammation of the prostate gland, the secreted fluid changes color. At the same time, the smell and consistency must match the norm.

A natural reaction to poor intimate hygiene is the appearance of smegma. This special type of discharge occurs in a fold of skin near the head of the male genital organ. Usually smegma leads to inflammation or infection.

During adolescence, boys experience nocturnal discharge during puberty. As a result of erotic dreams, strong stimulation occurs. This leads to an erection, after which voluntary ejaculation is observed. Wet dreams for the stronger sex are a physiological norm.

Changes in secretion as a signal of disease

Unfortunately, men are not immune to sexual diseases. And because the body is amazingly created, the development of the infection can be determined by the secretions released. Some diseases are only detected by this sign. Therefore, men should carefully monitor changes in the nature of their sexual secretions.

Abnormal discharge during erection often indicates the following changes:

  • inflammation of the urinary tract, which is caused by the proliferation of pathological microorganisms;
  • infections spread through intimate contact;
  • malignant formation;
  • postoperative problems;
  • genitourinary organ injury.

Depending on the degree of the disease, discharge from the penis can be large or small. In addition, pus or elements of blood enter the clear liquid from the hole in the head of the penis. This causes a change in color and thickness.

Viscous and colorless discharge that occurs in young people during sexual stimulation often indicates the presence of a pathological infection. In case of serious complications, pus appears in it, which collects on the head of the penis and sticks the foreskin together.

Various infectious infections manifest themselves not only in changes in male secretions. They are accompanied by an itching sensation in the genitals and swelling. The cause of the change is the following pathology:

  • prostatorrhea;
  • balanoposthitis;
  • hematuria;
  • Nongonorrheal urethritis.

If a man notices a clear change in his fluid that occurs during stimulation, he should immediately see a doctor. It is important to identify the disease at an early stage of development to avoid complications.

In order to respond in time to the appearance of infection, men are advised to constantly monitor their discharge. This applies to both penile quiescence and sexual stimulation. Regular visits to the urologist for preventive examinations serve as reliable protection for his masculinity.

Discharge in men: normal or abnormal?

types of discharge in men

Release from the human bodyvery meaningful. Usually their presence indicates a healthy state or any pathology, disease progression or infectious process. In some cases, the discharge itself should not be present, for example, with a runny nose, it is clear that the person is sick. Same with ear discharge.

In the case of the reproductive system, everything is quite complicated - fluid leaks from the genitals - their natural opening, which in some cases is normal, but in others will serve as one of the symptoms of the disease. And sometimes discharge from the penis is the only symptom of a developing serious disease.

It is impossible to determine exactly the cause and how normal the presence of discharge is now with the appearance. To confirm or deny the diagnosis, a laboratory examination is always required, for which a visit to a urologist is required. Only based on the test results, the doctor determines the appropriate treatment.

The presence of discharge during sexual stimulation deserves special attentionwhen a man experiences an erection and fluid begins to flow from the opening of the urethra. It is important to pay attention to its consistency, smell, quantity, color. Let's consider in cases where you should be afraid for your own health if discharge appears during sexual stimulation.

Physiological release during pleasure

Libidinal urethrorrhea- This is the secret secreted by the gonads. It appears in all men when excited. The amount of secretion is small and can be formed during sexual intercourse. In some cases, secretions are released in large amounts.

Norm or deviation?

How to determine if the normal amount of secretion is released during pleasure? All men's physiology may be different, and there is no secret to volume standards. However, if one is aware of itfor no reason the volume of the liquid increases, it changes consistency, smell and color, this is a signal of the presence of infection, inflammation, problems with the genitals, etc.

There may be exceptions to this situation. So, if a man does not have sexual intercourse for a long time, the secretion increases in volume. It may be a little thicker, more cloudy, but there should be no yellow color, blood lines or other changes. Maximum - slight turbidity.

A plain secret should have the following characteristics:

  • no unpleasant smell;
  • transparent color;
  • medium thick consistency.

Factors that can affect secretion characteristics:

  • disease;
  • nutritional characteristics (food eaten);
  • refraining from sexual activity;
  • stress and poor lifestyle, poor immunity.

In some cases, the release of secretions during pleasure causes the act of defecation. From a physiological point of view, this process is considered normal, although its formation should be rare.

anatomy of the male penis

Smegma- another type of discharge formed during pleasure. If hygiene is not observed, substances can form in the folds of the skin on the penis. If this process occurs, the chances of experiencing inflammation and infection increase.

Semen must also have a certain consistency, smell and color. However, its features and characteristics may depend on individual characteristics. It is first released from the penis during the body during sexual intercourse or masturbation.

During a wet dream, sperm are also released.Wet dreams– a condition in which a man experiences erection, stimulation and ejaculation during sleep. Wet dreams usually occur in teenage boys during puberty.

What pathology can occur:

  • the result of changes in the pathogenic flora itself (not dangerous, but requires medical supervision, because there is an increased risk of disease and inflammation against the background of an increased number of pathogenic bacteria and microorganisms);
  • sexually transmitted infections;
  • tumor, cancer disease - oncological process;
  • due to injury, curvature of the penis, or other physiological or congenital disorders;
  • as a result of surgical intervention (requires a special approach and more careful monitoring).
Classification criteria Features
According to the amount of allocation can:
  • little;
  • a lot;
  • simple
By highlight color:
  • white cloudy color;
  • transparent consistency;
  • white;
  • yellow;
  • White milk;
  • green color;
  • mixed with blood.
By consistency:
Frequency of release:
  • in the morning;
  • always when excited;
  • periodic;
  • after drinking alcohol;
  • before or after urination.

The severity of the discharge and the symptoms that are not like the normal condition of the discharge are influenced by the following factors::

  • cause (disease, infection, inflammation, etc. );
  • severity (level of disease progression);
  • immunity;
  • concomitant diseases;
  • duration of the disease.

It is important to understand that the disease cannot be accurately determined by the discharge symptoms. Decisions and treatment can only be discussed after an accurate diagnosis has been made. .

Relief from STDs

With sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), the nature of discharge changes. Let's consider the main diseases in which this change occurs, depending on the nature of the discharge from the penis during stimulation.

Mucus discharge

bacteria in pathological discharge

This is a sign of the following diseases:

  • chlamydia;
  • mycoplasmosis;
  • ureaplasmosis.

At the same time, the consistency is liquid, but it seems to stretch, reminiscent of mucus. The color is transparent, practically no different from the norm.

Mucous discharge with purulent streaks

The color in this case is white, but not transparent. There is a milk color. Leukocytes can also be recorded in the composition.

Diseases may be as follows with this type of release:

  • trichomoniasis;
  • chlamydia;
  • ureaplasmosis.

In some cases, discharge is formed not only during excitement, but also in a calm state. The liquid seems to stick to the head of the penis and dries quickly.

Purulent discharge

In this case, the consistency is thick, sticky, opaque liquid, yellowish, sometimes with a greenish tint. Has an unpleasant smell. Mucus contains many leukocytes. Usually in this case we are talking about gonorrhea.

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Release during inflammation

If a man does not have a venereal disease, we are talking about an inflammatory process, or more precisely, its possible presence in the body.

The causative agents may be as follows:

  • streptococcus;
  • candida;
  • bra;
  • staphylococcus
pathological discharge pathogen

Urethritis is not gonorrhea

An inflammatory process in the urethra, the tube that allows fluid to pass through it. In this case, the nature of the selection may be as follows:

  • the presence of mucus;
  • the presence of pus;
  • stickiness;
  • turbidity.

In this case, there is pain, itching, and discomfort.


In this case, the discharge contains pus, there is a lot of it, and it is accompanied by unpleasant sensations and pain. Inflammation of the foreskin must be treated as soon as possible. This disease is accompanied by redness and swelling.


With prostatitis - inflammation of the prostate gland - mucus is observed in the form of discharge, often with pus. At the same time, there are problems with potency, there is a frequent desire to urinate, when it is impossible to empty the bladder completely. Accompanied by pain.


Candidiasis manifests itself in discharge that resembles cottage cheese. In this case, there is severe itching, the penis becomes red, especially the head.


pathological relief treatment

Treatment can be prescribed by your doctor. Depending on the disease identified, the appropriate medication is prescribed. Usually thisantibiotics, which is also different. Some antibiotics fight sexually transmitted infections, others aim to suppress the pathogenic environment - candida and other fungal microorganisms.


Discharge from the penis, or more precisely, from the urethra during stimulation, can have certain consequences if neglected.

What you need to know about emissions during stimulation:

  • The normal condition of the fluid secreted from the head of the penis is transparent, white, without an unpleasant odor, pus, or blood.
  • Disturbances in discharge may indicate the development of inflammatory processes associated with sexual infections, as well as sexually transmitted diseases.
  • The characteristics of the symptoms may depend on the period of development of the disease, its characteristics, and the man's immunity.

In some cases, changes in discharge are normal if there is an objective reason for this - changes in diet, concomitant diseases, abstinence from sexual activity.