The best way to maintain and increase potential

Potential translated from Latin sounds like "strength", and indeed, this term is quite consistent with the concept of "male power". According to the generally accepted opinion, potential arises by itself with age, gradually increases, and with the arrival of maturity, it also gradually disappears. In fact, male potential is far from a simple phenomenon, and for its emergence, maintenance and growth requires the application of effort on the part of men. Some experts argue that potential, like runner's legs, needs to be trained. That is why there is prevention of male potency.

exercise to prevent impotence

Escaping the grip of impotence is easy

Everyone knows that male potential is a very delicate tool, its function can be affected by various factors. But far from all negative phenomena are taken into account by men when trying to maintain and increase their sexual strength, or rather, strong lasting erection.

Among the most common causes of sexual weakness in men, experts mention the following:

  • ambient temperature (it is well known that when the body is cooled in men, libido and sexual abilities generally decrease);
  • emotional background in the couple (the more even, the higher the potential);
  • a man's diet (the more diverse, and the more it contains substances that are really useful for the male body, the better potential is shown);
  • physical inactivity (unbalanced load contributes to the weakness of the body and makes potential less strong);
  • toxic substances (even a slight involuntary intoxication of the male body, that is, smoking and alcohol, can cause a decrease in libido and a decline in potency);
  • chronic disease (regardless of the location of the pathology, it will weaken the body, which will direct all its forces to restore the function of the diseased organ, and not to potency).

It is from the influence of this phenomenon that good old prevention protects men. This concept is widespread, long known to everyone, but this does not become less valuable. Great hopes are pinned on him, because only he can not only negate the harmful effects of the factors listed above on male potential, but also make the body an impenetrable fortress capable of withstanding other dangers.

5 steps to maintain potency

The main task to prevent the onset of impotence is to prevent the onset of pathological processes that lead to the following changes:

  • decrease in testosterone hormone production;
  • weakness of nervous and psychological stability;
  • acute lack of minerals and vitamins necessary for the function of the sex glands and the body as a whole;
  • degenerative-dystrophic process in the urinary organs;
  • decreased blood circulation in the area where the sex glands and organs are located;
  • decreased natural immunity.

For several decades, where extensive studies have been carried out on the sexual function of men and the influence of various factors on them, quite effective ways have been found that can reduce their influence. This includes not only drugs, but also folk remedies, exercise, special diets.

To maintain and increase potency in men, they are recommended to take only 5 steps on the way to a full sexual life:

  1. Leave bad habits that affect the circulatory system, the central and peripheral nervous system, metabolic processes and affect the stability of the hormonal background.
  2. Avoid stressful situations, moreover, they can be not only conflicts at work or in the family, but also sudden fluctuations in temperature, prolonged stress, including psychological.
  3. Normalize nutrition in such a way as to provide the body with all the necessary elements and compounds, as well as to avoid obesity or malnutrition.
  4. Return to normal physical activity, that is, do not push yourself too much, but at the same time move for more active blood circulation, metabolism and absorption of nutrients.
  5. Treat the disease in time, especially if it can be chronic.

However, all these funds cannot be compared with the main rule for the prevention of impotence in men in terms of ease of use - sex should be regular, at least 2 times a week. This will activate the work of the prostate gland, improve the condition of the heart and blood vessels, and have a positive effect on the emotional background of men.

What drugs can be used to prevent impotence

The drug is the most popular drug for men who decide to take impotence prevention. Unfortunately, not everyone knows which group of drugs to focus on to normalize the function of the reproductive system in men and prevent disorders in the sexual sphere. Most men consider such erectile stimulants, but doctors do not recommend getting carried away with them because of the danger of losing male potential completely.

Often, the following drugs are prescribed to prevent erectile dysfunction:

  • Sedative, if there are frequent stressful situations, depression, psychological problems.
  • Anti-atherosclerotic drugs and drugs that restore patency and vascular tone.
  • Vitamin and mineral complex.
  • Antiparasitic medicine.
  • Preparations to maintain immunity.

All these funds should preferably be taken after consulting a doctor, even if they contain exclusively herbs or other organic components. The fact is that they have many contraindications, and can also interact negatively with each other or other drugs.

Healthy menu for potency

Doctors call proper nutrition the most important point in the prevention of erectile dysfunction in men. Products as a way to improve erection have been used for a long time, and are still considered more effective and safer than synthetic drugs.

The following foods have a significant positive effect on the genitourinary system:

  • pumpkin seeds, walnuts and almonds;
  • beef and lamb;
  • eggs;
  • fresh carrots, celery, garlic.

This product contains a lot of phosphorus, which is necessary for the normal functioning of the genitourinary system.

It is also recommended to consume more grains and cereals: oatmeal and wheat flakes, parsley, peas and cauliflower. They contain zinc, a substance necessary for the synthesis of testosterone. Vitamin E, which is found in peanuts and olive oil, bananas and beans, also helps to normalize the activity of the sex glands.

Another way of prevention

A good effect in the prevention of potential is also provided by folk remedies with herbs, honey and other bee products. They can have sedative, regenerative, anti-inflammatory, stimulating and immunomodulatory effects.

The most popular folk remedies contain ginseng, Euphorbia Pallas, medicinal lungwort. Spices - basil, ginger, red and black pepper also have a good potential stimulating effect. They can be used as a daily supplement.

Along with the funds listed, men are advised to visit the bathhouse regularly to avoid potential. Moreover, it is not enough just to warm up in it. To achieve the maximum preventive effect, you need to sit in a steam room filled with larch, horseradish or cedar steam. It is enough to take such a procedure once a week to maintain potency until old age.

A contrast shower has the same effect as a bath. You can take it every day, gradually increasing the temperature range and time of the procedure. In this case, it is recommended to first try the bath effect on the lower part of the leg, watering only the thigh. Then you can water larger parts of the body, including the chest and head.

Potential is an important part of a man's life, which, with the right approach, can be maintained up to 70 years or more. In this case, you should not use expensive drugs and procedures. The steps described above have been tested by thousands of men, however, their implementation still requires expert approval.