What nuts are good for potency. Top 6 nuts

Many people know that nuts are an important part of a healthy diet, so doctors recommend including them in your daily diet. This product has a very good effect on the male body, including strengthening potency. Consider the best beans for this task.

Top 6 best nuts for potency

beans for potency


Walnuts bring great benefits to the male body. This product contains many useful ingredients that have a good effect on potency:

  • zinc - promotes the production of sex hormones;
  • potassium - removes excess fluid from the body;
  • magnesium - helps dilate blood vessels.

Together, these beneficial ingredients have a balanced effect on a man's body, contributing to increased potency.


The composition of these nuts includes many minerals, including chlorine, sulfur and potassium, which are necessary to maintain male health. In addition, almonds contain arginine, a substance that helps improve blood circulation and relax blood vessels. Thanks to this, the potential of a man is enhanced.


Hazelnut contains a large amount of useful trace elements that help increase male strength. In addition, hazelnuts are an excellent helper in the fight against rheumatism and heart disease, helping to remove stones from the kidneys. If you regularly consume hazelnuts, the function of the immune system improves.

pine nuts

This product contains a large amount of fatty acids, carbohydrates and proteins. It is also a great way to increase potency. If you regularly include a small amount of pine nuts in your diet, you can avoid the development of problems such as premature impotence, the appearance of heart and vascular diseases.


They have the most beneficial effect on a man's health. These nuts contain all the useful elements that support the sexual health of a stronger sex. These ingredients include:

  1. Unsaturated fats help reduce the amount of cholesterol in the body.
  2. Folic acid, which improves the quality of semen.
  3. Zinc, which increases potency.
  4. Arginine, which prevents the development of heart disease.

Cashew nuts

Cashews are the lowest calorie nut. It is recommended for men to reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction, is a natural antioxidant and aphrodisiac. Walnuts contain many vitamins and minerals. Zinc, which is part of the composition, increases sperm motility.

How to use beans to increase potency

Knowing how to take nuts correctly is important for proper absorption of the nuts, as well as reducing the risk of harm. Here are some suggestions.

  1. What is the best way to eat them: raw or fried? Of course, eating raw nuts will bring more benefits. Heat treatment can increase the shelf life, but most of the useful properties will be destroyed.
  2. Do not abuse. Any nut does not belong to such a product, its use can be uncontrolled. In order for the body to benefit, only a small amount needs to be included in the diet.
  3. Nut milk. It brings more benefits than ordinary beans. Easier to digest.

Undoubtedly, regular consumption of nuts is the best way to maintain male sexual health. However, despite all its benefits, nuts are a relatively allergenic product, this must be taken into account when planning to include them in your diet.